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WiMAX solutions

GCB advantage for WiMAX partners

  • Our technical member are highly qualified and skilled in various technologies, including LMDS (802.16).
  • Experience in deploying numerous broad band, fixed and mobile networks around the globe.
  • Currently providing advanced technology support to a major wireless operator for their WiMAX product testing group.
  • GCB is very customer focused and adaptive to client needs.

WiMAX network planning

  • Vendor evaluation (Base station and RF components such as antennas, cable, combiners etc.)
  • Radio access network planning
  • Backhaul network planning
  • Interconnect/ transport planning

WiMAX network design

  • Site survey, candidate evaluation, equipment location determination
  • Propagation modeling and model tuning
  • Link budget, link reliability and fresnel zone calculation
  • Base station and customer terminal interference analysis & documentation
  • RF compliance studies and documentation
  • Mesh network design

WiMAX deployment

  • Site acquisition and zoning
  • Construction management
  • Installation, testing, commissioning and integration of Hubs,PoPs and CPEs
  • Program management

WiMAX QoS, reliability and end-to-end optimization

  • Application oriented bandwidth management (VoIP,streaming video, IMS)
  • Fixed and mobility management
  • NOC management, alarm monitoring, KPI evaluation, statistical analysis and network troubleshooting

WiMAX network security analysis

  • Analyzing and providing solutions in PHY, MAC and application layer
  • Strategic project management